Can I please just get one!

I had the pleasure of testing the new Mystic Myrddin hoodie by the always amazing Mother Grimm. I was really excited for this one!

I love versatile patterns that allow you to get completely different looks from one pattern, and this one does not dissapoint! In addition to the over 120 possible combination of its 4 collar/hoods, 3 front options, 2 back options, 3 sleeve options, and 4 tab options, it’s also compatible with the plain Ser Gawain hoodie giving you a seemingly endless range of possibilities!

I admit I was a bit intimidated by the details, but, the extremely well written tutorial makes it a particularly simple hoodie to make!

I had been waiting for the perfect woodsy wonderland feel to use with my Tribal Wildlife cotton lycra fabric from 42 Custom Fabric, and this was definitely it!

For M’s first one, I made a collared look with double blocked body and sleeves. I used the thicker piping option to give a bit more contrast and kam snaps to attach the decorative tabs and the overlap on the collar. The result was pure love! You can tell she loves it too!


A needs pockets for his treasures so for his I chose the kangaroo pocket front to go with the blocked back and double blocked sleeves. I wanted them to match yet not match, so I used the thinner piping option and the same black kam snaps to attach the decorative tabs and the overlap on the collar. One of the amazing details of this pattern is that you can sew in the kangaroo popocket without putting a line right through the panel! I always feel like I’m ruining the panel when I do that (even if you can barely see it), so I loved being able to keep my panels pristine! He was a big fan too!


The kids wore them for our Sea Port Village adventure, where I figured I could get amazing product shots. We did manage to get some of them individually, but the day ended with multiple melt downs attempting to get one of them together. All I wanted was one smiling picture with the two of them facing the camera! Maybe next time…


I couldn’t wait to try out the hoods too, and I had coincidentally (or on purpose 😉) just received the French Terry (FT) I had ordered from So Sew English Fabrics. I’m a bit obsessed! It’s so ridiculously soft!


I used the navy butterflies with dusty rose and fushia accents for this short pixie hood version. I gave her a pocket for her treasures on this one, which she promptly filled with leaves and rocks. The decorative tabs and hood overlap on this blocked back and double blocked sleeves version were secured with 20mm wooden buttons that added to the overall look.

My last make was a round hood version for my little man using the little stars FT for the main fabric with ivory and burgundy for the accents. I used black 25mm wooden buttons to secure the decorative tabs and hood overlap on this blocked back and double blocked sleeves version. Pure Americana by happy accident!


Hubby was able to capture amazing shots of the kids in their backyard adventure. Sadly, another failed attempt at a smiling picture of the two of them. Ah! Sibling love…


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