Family Time!

It felt like an extra long week at work with the holidays looming.  I wish I could say that I had a lot to do for the holidays, but the truth is that we were going to my mom’s who slaved away in the kitchen all week getting ready.  I absolutely love holiday meals at her house.  She cooks for “just us,” which means there’s enough fabulous food to feed an army!  Looks like yummy leftovers for the rest of the week for us!!

I really spoiled myself this weekend with my sewing.  I had gotten one of my favorite shirts when I was pregnant with little man, and haven’t been able to find another quite like it.  It’s nothing special, just a sleeveless top with a cowl, but it fits just right.  Lucky for me, I discovered the Macy semi fitted cowl neck top from Sinclair Patterns!  This cute little top comes with 2 sleeve lengths – tank and long – and has a wide range of sizes (XS to XXL in petite, regular, and tall options).  The steps are fairly easy to follow, even those that warn you to pre-medicate with chocolate or something sweet 🙂

I made myself two tops out of deliciously soft DBP from So Sew English.  The drapey DPB makes for a perfect top to wear to work, special occasions, or just because!  It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.  Now I just needed a new skirt to match!  I used DBP for this simple, yet elegant Amy Maxi Skirt from Greenstyle Creations.  I was definitely ready for the holidays!!

Sunday was our annual trip to the Butterfly Jungle.  It’s amazing to be so close to so many beautiful butterflies.  It really is a treat!  I remember how warm it was last year, so I wanted to make myself a nice breathable top to wear.  So Sew English just started stocking micro viscose cotton (MCV).  I’ve been wanting to try it out, so I made myself a Greenstyle Creations Green Tee.  I don’t think I will ever buy another tee again!  This fabric is amazing and the pattern is extremely easy and quick to sew up.  I already ordered more in different colors.  I used the scoop neck this time, but I will get more adventurous and make the v-neck next time.

We got such beautiful photos last year, that I wanted to make the kids special clothes to wear this year.  I finally cut into the Hoopy panels and stars CL fabric from 42 Custom Fabric I’ve been holding on to for far too long to make fun Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy inspired outfits.  For little man, I made a P4P Jolly Roger Raglan from the dolphin panel.  As a result, I have been singing “So long and thanks for all the fish!” all day long!  Definitely a must see movie (though the book is better)!  .


We introduced little man to it this week, and he was a huge fan!  Little man loved getting a piece of watermelon to entice them to land near him, and the butterflies kept landing on him!  I think it scared him at first, but then he started holding still so that the butterflies could just hang out on his shoulder.


For little princess, I made an adorable Solis dress from Sofilantjes Patterns.  I am happy to say that this is definitely one of those patterns that looks much more complicated than it really is!  The instructions are incredibly clear and the pictures help a ton!  I am so happy with the result!


And little princess is too!  The circle skirt is perfect for twirling and it has pockets!  She’s definitely discovered the magic of pockets to hold all her little treasures.  It took a little bit, but I think she finally warmed up to the idea of real butterflies (not just the ones in books).  It’s truly amazing to see her little brain processing new information and absorbing the wonders of the world.  Hubby was able to capture so many special moments in his amazing photographs again this year (as always)!


Funny enough, the kids wore Hoopy outfits last year too!  The photos this year were taken exactly one year from when we photographed the first ever strike offs I made for 42 Custom Fabrics!  Happy anniversary ladies!  What a difference a year makes!  It’s amazing how much the kids have grown!  Until next year butterflies!



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