No Damsel in Distress

This week started with a bang…literally.  Monday night little princess was being her usual silly self and hiding in her brother’s bed when it was time to go to sleep.   Her brother was being helpful in trying to get her off the bed, and she fell forward head first into the bed railing.  The worst thing about face wounds is that they bleed…a lot!  I felt awful!  Once we finally got her to calm down and got the bleeding to stop, we cleaned her up as best as we could and assessed the wound.  While it was a pretty good sized gash, it didn’t look deep enough to require sutures.  She was exhausted and went to bed easily, for a few minutes that is.  It was a rough night overall, but got better once the Tylenol kicked in.


We were surprised by how swollen it was in the morning.  Poor little lady couldn’t even drink from her sippy cup.  That’s when we noticed the piece of lip sticking straight up (pardon the graphics).  It definitely required a physician’s assessment.  I started to wish we had taken her in to the emergency department the night before as I wrestled a screaming little princess into her car seat.  Little man looked pretty traumatized, and I could tell he felt guilty about the whole incident.  Luckily, hubby was there to reassure him that it was an accident and give him some extra cuddles before taking him to school and catching up with us at the children’s hospital.


I was incredibly impressed by our experience that morning.  We were checked in and put in a room within a few minutes.  The physician came by and did a very thorough assessment of our little princess and paid extra special attention to her wounds.  After establishing that he was able to see the bottom of the wound and her teeth did not completely puncture her lip, we were relieved to hear that she would’t need any further intervention.  By that time, little princess was downing a strawberry smoothie and life was all better again.  We were in and out in less than 90 minutes!  While my boss is incredibly understanding and did not expect me at work, I was glad that everyone was fine and I could get to work.  The rest of the week was, thankfully, uneventful save a minor incident with little princess scraping her knee and spiking a fever over the weekend making her pretty miserable.  But even with all of that going on, she was still trying to keep up with her big brother!  Definitely no damsels in distress in this house!


The challenge this week was to sew something with woven fabric, but I decided to start working on family swim suits in preparation for our upcoming Great Wolf Lodge adventure.  It’s probably little man’s favorite place and where he decided to celebrate his next birthday.  For the last few years, I have made special outfits for the kids’ birthdays.  It’s been so fun to create something to match their birthday theme.  This year, little man chose superheros.  For the family set of swim suits, I wanted to use this amazing chain mail swim fabric from 42 Custom Fabrics.  I love how it looks like real chain mail!  The knights and dragons round has probably been on e of my favorites!  I started out making hubby’s rash guard because I so rarely sew for him.  I used the Toby K. Patterns Berlin Tee as the pattern because I love the fit.  I love this pattern because it has a ton of options, which makes it really versatile!  The many size options also allows me to find the perfect fit rather than just relying on small, medium, and large.    I’m so glad he loves it!  Now my knight in shining armor has the top to look the part! (Photo credit to little man!  Looks like he got his dad’s photographic eye!)


For the kids, I finally cut into my Once Upon A Time scenery fabric also from the knights and dragons round at 42 Custom Fabric.  I paired it with a solid dark red CL from Purpleseamstress Fabric to bring out the dragon on the print.  For little lady, I made the Nivalis dress from Sofilantjes.  It’s such a simple and adorable colorblocked look!  One of these days I will make the hooded and collared versions, but I really wanted something simple for this one.


For little man, I wanted something with a little more pizzazz than a plain tee.  I chose the Treasure Pocket Tee from Duck Butt Designs.  This was actually one of the first patterns I made when I first started sewing with knits.  I have no idea why I hadn’t made it again!  It’s awesome!  Its unique shape and pocket placement give it a little something special and the fit is amazing!


I love seeing them in matching outfits!  I’ll definitely have to take advantage of them letting me do this for as long as I can!  They’re definitely for their dragon training adventures!



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