Out of This World

My first few days at work after being gone for two weeks was a bit daunting.  It’s amazing how much went on while I was gone, though I shouldn’t be surprised since it’s always a very fast paced environment.  Lots of fires to put out, but by Friday I felt like I was back on track.


Thursday was a super special day for us….little man’s preschool graduation!  It’s still surreal that he’ll be in a new school for kindergarten.  We’ve truly grown to love his preschool and all of his friends.  Sadly, none of his classmates will be at his new school, but I know he’ll make friends in no time since he’s not exactly shy.  They did a really cute performance to show off all that they’ve learned this year.  He really has blossomed and I love seeing the person he’s becoming.


This week I got a chance to sew up some amazing strikes from 42 Custom Fabric!  This Galaxy Round is truly out of this world!  For little princess, I had a fantastic solar system circle skirt and whimsical “You Are Here” panel and knew exactly what they needed to become…a Solis by Sofilantjes!  It’s the perfect summer pattern for little girls who love to twirl and the back detail is beyond adorable!  I absolutely adore how it came out.  So much so that I may need to get an adult set to make myself one now that the adult version of the Solis has been released!


For little man, I made a Tilt top by Kleiner Polliklecks out of my goofy planets panel and main fabric.


I paired it with some amazing orange solid CL from Purpleseamstress Fabric to really bring out the details in the sun and Saturn’s rings, plus it really pops next to the navy background.  I love when the ideas in my head come out even better than I expected!


I paired his new top with the Brindille & Twig Pocket Shorts.  I wanted something simple  that would be comfortable for running around and playing in the summer heat.  He’s definitely got his climbing skills down!


The challenge for this week was to sew something blue.  I think I definitely nailed it!

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