A little late in posting this week, but it’s been crazy since I got back…

I can honestly say that, overall, my school workshop was rather illuminating. While probably half of the material could have been delivered via an electronic format that would not have required all of us to travel, the personal analysis and reflection and the peer to peer feedback have proven to be invaluable.

We first did an emotional IQ assessment on ourselves. There were some areas where I scored just as expected, such as self actualization (goal setting – very much my style) and empathy, but there were other areas that were a surprise, such as flexibility (apparently I have none) and assertiveness. One thing that stood out through our discussion was the fact that I am very adept at knowing what it is that I am feeling and why (emotional self-awareness), but have difficulty sharing those feelings with others (emotional expression). How can I expect others to meet my needs and expectations if I don’t share those with them? Seems awfully counter productive. This is certainly something I am bringing home with me to utilize in both my personal and professional life. I think it may help alleviate some of my frustrations and help me grow.

Another major theme that was particularly relevant was the notion that my career should not define who I am. It is certainly a large part of me, but it needs to be balanced with the other parts of me. While I may not have a clear vision of where I will end up, I certainly have a clearer picture of what I would like my environment to look like professionally and what tools I have at my disposal to get there. I have also learned that I have to work on quieting the voices of judgment, cynicism, and fear in order to open myself up for opportunities that might otherwise be missed.

The start of my emotional transformation seemed like the perfect time to ensure I continue to work on my physical transformation. I’m fine with my mom-bod, but I could certainly use a bit of improved fitness. I had been going to Pilates prior to taking a break for the holidays (again, a bit counter productive), and I have to make sure to start up again. I had planned on working on the 5 out of 4 Agility Tank and matching New Horizons Portlander Pants in preparation for my return to Pilates with some fun athletic wear prints from So Sew English Fabrics. I got as far as finishing the Portlanders and about 60% of the Agility Tank when my brother-in-law and his family arrived to stay with us for a few days of fun! My youngest niece was very eager to learn to sew, so we made her and my daughter a pair of matching Portlanders instead! It’s a great simple pattern for beginners that definitely has a super high cuteness factor. It was so much fun to see her get so excited by the creative process!

I’m going to work on finishing my top before Monday’s Pilates class before moving into my next project. I need to make sure I don’t leave any projects just half finished.

I also made a little gift for a friend’s baby shower. Teeny tiny Max and Meena Yogaloons and a Rozzlyn peplum! It feels like it was so long since I made something so small!! I forget how fidgety those tiny cuffs can be, but I love how they turned out! Both patterns are great for little bodies when you want something quick with a little flare. I really hope they like them! (And I may have to make a set for my little princess)

For week 3, I think I’ll be making some fun swim wear for the kids since we’re starting swim lessons back up. I did manage to get the plague that’s going around, but I’m trying not to let it completely knock me out. Hopefully this week slows down a bit so that I can get back on track…

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