Catching Up

A series of illnesses, stressful work days, and school deadlines have taken their toll on my writing and energy levels.  It’s ironic considering this blog was supposed to be a way for me to ensure I made time for myself and help me maintain some semblance of mental health.  I did make time for sewing at least!

The week 3 challenge was to make something to make sewing easier.  Not sure if this qualifies, but I had the chance to test out the new Ellie and Mac Stuffy Ball pattern.  These are so much fun and the kids just love them!  I made the larger size, which turns out to be really huge!  After 2 queen size fleece blankets and 2 pillows in each, there was still a ton of room left for stuffed animals…which is their intended purpose.  I will neither confirm nor deny that these are now filled with a load of fabric that’s not currently being sewn up and doesn’t have a storage place.  Having the extra fabric stored somewhere instead of on the sewing table interfering with cutting counts as making sewing easier, right?


The week 4 challenge was to make something for a boy.  I love sewing stuff up for my little man.  I feel like I have to take advantage of the fact that he likes wearing mommy made clothes for now.  Nothing melts my heart more than him announcing proudly that I made something for him whenever someone asks him about his outfits.  I tried out my first ever international pattern and made him a Sofiilantjes Regem (they have English versions) out of a Harry Potter inspired fabric and panel from Affordable Fabrics I’d been holding on to for something special.  I love the red accents, which happens to be his favorite color.   The panel is quite fitting for my brave and sassy little Griffyndor!


I can’t believe we’re looking at Kindergartens for him already!  At times he seems so little still, but at others he seems so mature!  We’ve gone to see two schools – one public and one private – and have been very impressed by both.  It’s been hard to compare the two because it feels like we’re not really comparing apples to apples.  On the one hand, our local public school is conveniently located near our home and has an excellent bilingual program.  On the other hand, the private school excels in the hard sciences and has an incredible amount of resources.  We are at least comforted by the fact that whichever way we decide to go, we can’t go wrong.


The week 5 challenge was to make something from a newly purchased pattern.  The kids are starting swim class again, so I purchased the Boo Designs Swimmers pattern to make them some fun new gear.  I used a beautiful robins fabric from Splashing of Fabric.  I made the raglan rashie and shorties for both of them.  To be honest, the fit was a bit strange.  The rash guards fit a bit big.  My little girl’s shorties were perfect, but my son’s were way too snug in the thigh area.  I did just get some board short fabric, so I think I’ll make him a pair of those instead.


We had a great time playing with the slip-n-slide today while enjoying the gorgeous weather!  I love that the two of them are finally starting to play together!  It’s these moments that make me feel relaxed and recharged.  It’s a good reminder of why I work and am pushing myself through school.  My family is my everything…

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