New reality?

The big decision on our minds is still what to do about kindergarten.  It seems like such a a major decision that could potentially impact the rest of our son’s life.  Or am I overreacting?


Sometimes it feels like we’re still trying to find our new normal after our daughter was born.  Maybe we took on too much all at once?  At least we see a light at the end of the tunnel with graduation quickly approaching.  I think it’s the small curve balls we get every once in a while that remind us of the chaos.  Hubby recently got me a new lanyard for work that has floating charms in it and one of the charms is an 8 ball to remind me that “our life runs on crazy.”  I love it!

This weekend was the first since hubby started school that I have the kids all to myself while he works a 12 hour shift on Sunday.  Will this be our new reality once he starts working full time?  I worry sometimes about what our schedule will look like and whether we’ll have enough family time.  It truly has made me appreciate the flexibility that I have in my current job.  I’m sure, in time, we’ll figure it out.  Well, enough ramblings for now…

Hubby is the creative genius behind our photos.  He does an amazing job at capturing incredible moments and documenting our daily adventures.  We had to get creative this weekend with him at the hospital.  Clearly I don’t have the same eye or knowledge about light and composition.  Thank goodness I was able to find the automatic settings on the camera!

The sewing challenge for week 6 was to sew something red or pink.  I’ve been meaning to sew up a couple of dresses for my daughter and niece in this awesome retro gamers DBP from 42 Custom Fabric.  My brother is a huge video game fan, and it looks like my son is following in his footsteps.  It’s a nightly request for “Brothers Mario!”  Along with some coordinating red DBP from Purple Seamstress Fabric, I made the perfect Patterns for Pirates Jolly Roger raglan.  It’s probably my fave raglan fit for him.


This was also my first time making the Halla Sweet Agnes in shirt length.  This is definitely one of my go to girl patterns.  It’s an adorable and super quick sew!  Plus, it has the added benefit of having extremely easy to follow instructions and is great for scrap busting!  Somehow, there’s always enough fabric for an Agnes after I’m done making something else.  Her matching shorts are New Horizons Portlanders.  (sporting her new “cheese” face)


They are growing up way too fast!!

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