Next Level Matching

Once in a while, you get to make something that makes you feel exceptionally proud.  I usually love what I make, but this week I outdid even myself (yes, tooting my own horn here).  I got my latest round of strikes from 42 Custom Fabric and asked my 4 year old what he wanted.  His first reaction when recognized the blue package with the white stars was “Oh!  More Fabric!”  Perhaps this is the first indication that I have a problem?  His next reaction was to run off with the red graduated dino fabric and announce that it was beautiful! I’m glad he can get excited about fabric as I do!

I was not so thrilled with his next request, though.  He specifically said he wanted a jacket with a hood and a zipper.  I’m no stranger to hoodies, but I admit that I’m not a huge fan of sewing up zippers.  In fact, I wasn’t even sure I owned a pattern that met his specifications!  I asked around on the Sew For Boys group to see if anyone had any suggestions, and after reviewing the different options with him, we landed on the Cicero by Sofilantjes Patterns.  (He’s holding a fossil, in case anyone is wondering)


Cutting the pattern took some creativity.  I wanted to make sure we captured as much of the design as possible and preserve the dinosaurs as best I could.  I placed the pieces as close together as possible to match up my seams, and the result was amazing!  I was especially proud of the front!!

I did cheat and use wonder tape to mark my seam allowance and secure the zipper prior to top stitching, which worked like a charm!  This was my first time shortening a zipper too!  I did have to get some zipper stoppers to cap the top where I had removed the extra teeth.

I used the same ideas for pattern placement when I made the coordinating dress for my little princess out of the Sylvia pattern by Sofilantjes Patterns.  Both patterns have a unique way of attaching the hood, which was new to me.  I was a little nervous, but thankfully the instructions are incredibly easy to follow.

I’m so glad the kids love their new outfits as much as I do!  I think I may have to get some extra fabric to make them a larger size once they outgrow these!  Honestly, that’s been the hardest part of making clothes for the kids.  It really hurts when they start fitting snugly, even though I know I can just make them more.


The challenge this week was to upcycle, but I really couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show off my latest work 🙂


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