A Deep Bench

We finally made a decision about kindergarten!!  Though I am still stressing a bit about whether we made the right decision, I am a little relieved that a decision has been made.  We decided on the bilingual program at our local public school.  If we’re not happy, we can always revisit private schools next year as he enters first grade.  For now, we’ll be staying local and sending our daughter to our current preschool (which is just wonderful!).  Registration was fairly easy in large part to my sister, who showed up at our house at 6:30 in the morning so that I could go stand in line to get an early registration packet to ensure we got into the bilingual program and again two weeks later on the actual registration day.  I came home that day to kids dressed and ready for school doing a little bit of morning yoga.  I love that they are able to have such a wonderful relationship with her.

My family played a large role in our decision.   We are extremely lucky to have significant family support here.  I remember how difficult it was to go back to work after 30 glorious weeks of maternity leave the first time, but this was made significantly easier knowing that my son was going to my mom’s while I was away.  I knew he would be just as well loved and cared for in my absence.  This was the same experience when I went back to work after maternity leave with my daughter.  My mom might as well set up her own daycare at this point since she’s taking care of 3 kids (my 2 kids and my niece)!  Not only does she watch them, she does a significant amount of schlepping the kids around as she picks up the girls every morning and then picks up my son from school just about every day.  Staying local means that we could continue to rely on her for help without placing an additional burden on her, since we know she’d be more than willing to help with private school transportation.

Thankfully, she’s not on her own.  My sister and dad help out too, as did my grandmother before she passed away.  Our kids (well, all of us) are truly lucky to have the opportunity to build such close relationships with their extended family members.  In fact, one of my favorite family traditions is family night dinner.  Every Friday, the entire extended family gets together for dinner.  It gives us a chance to catch up and wind down from the week together.  It really does take a village.

For the next three weeks, we will need to fully take advantage of our very deep bench since my parents are on vacation to India!  I’m glad that they’re taking some time to enjoy and explore the world.  As for us, we (us, my siblings, aunt, and uncle) are taking turns spending time with the kids.  I couldn’t imagine how we’d be able to handle everything without everyone’s incredible support.

The bulk of the burden these couple of weeks has fallen on my sister, who has the most flexible work schedule.  I wanted to do something extra special for her because of it.  She loves yoga, so I wanted to surprise her with some new fun and comfy pants.  I had made one pair for her a while back, but it’s definitely time to spruce up her wardrobe.

For the first pair, I used extra fun Dragons and Waves DBP from the recent leggings round at 42 Custom Fabric to make her a pair of Duck Butt Designs Plain Pants.  I love how the dragon just swims across your lap on these!


For the second pair, a set of New Horizons Portlanders, I used an adorable and funky elephants DBP from So Sew English Fabrics.  This fabric just makes me happy and reminds me so much of her.  I knew it had to be hers as soon as I saw it!


The third pair was a set of Greenstyle Creations Everyday Yoga Pants in some awesome Harry Potter inspired CL from Snowy Owl Fabrics.  Can’t wait for her to see them!


Of course, I may have made myself a little something too…these are out of this world!!  (Fabric from 42 Custom Fabrics.  Pattern is Greenstyle Creations Everyday Yoga Pants)


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