Teaching Kindness

School is wrapping up for me, which is extremely exciting!  Just 1 more week!  It’s amazing how quickly the last two years have gone, yet at the same time the start of my program seems to have been ages ago.  This last course deals with system design, thinking, and learning.  It is all about different strategies of employing innovative solutions successfully in an organization through change management and system learning.  This week, we learned about the creative process and how to apply the five steps of creative design to finding a solution for an identified problem.  For our weekly assignment, I had to write about how I apply the creative design process in my daily life.  My first thoughts were about sewing.  At first instinct, it doesn’t seem that the same process that is applied in business or healthcare can be applied to sewing, but the concepts are intuitive and do seem to transcend fields.  I admit, it was both fun and strange to be writing about sewing for a graduate school paper.  It also made me very cognizant of all the times I ask hubby to come look at how fabrics look together.  He really has a great design eye!

Our son’s preschool program is winding down as well.  His class is engaging in a community service project which they are titling “All You Need Is Love.”  Today, the class went to our local Ronald McDonald House to donate canned goods for the families that are staying there.  We have donated toys during the holiday season, but I think it’s fantastic that his school is helping strengthen the concepts of kindness and community service.  It’s so important to have reinforcement of good values outside of the home.


We have actually been considering involving the kids in more community service activities now that they are older and able to understand.  Little man really seemed to understand that what an impact his actions will have on others.  We’re thinking a beach clean-up or trail clean-up could be fun.  Other fun ideas are the YMCA backpack drive to give children in need school supplies and volunteering at an animal shelter.  So far, our favorite idea has been the blanket drive for children through Project Linus.  Project Linus donates blankets to seriously ill or traumatized children.  They are truly a great organization!  Little man loved the idea after making some no-sew fleece blankets for a gift exchange.  Looks like I’ll be running to the store to get more fleece!


The challenge for this week was color-blocking.  My little guy needed a new pair of boardshorts for swim class, so I chose the New Horizons Alpine Shorts as the perfect pattern.  I really like the wave detail in the legs.  The pattern was easy to put together (I love no trim patterns!!) and the instructions were clear and easy to follow.  I had some super cute Derpy Dragons fabric from RockerBye Destash Fabrics that seemed perfect!  I paired it with some solid black from The Fabric Fairy.  As my hubby pointed out, little boys require a liner in their shorts, so I used the Made by Jack’s Mum Speedy Pants as a liner.  I sized up the briefs in order to preserve the flat look of the front of the shorts.  It was my first time sewing with non-stretch woven fabrics in some time, and to top it off I was doing a mash up of two patterns I had never used.  I have to say I was quite pleased with the results!  Little man said they were awesome and wouldn’t take them off, so I say it was a success!


I also made a Be Dreamy dress by Ellie and Mac for their Wacky Wednesday sale.  I chose some gorgeous castle fabric from 42 Custom Fabrics.  We definitely have to take a trip to Disneyland now!  The dress is perfect for a little princess!  It’s so fun to see her dance and twirl in it!


Now back to work on my final paper for school!

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