Unwanted Visitors

Another crazy week in our house.  We found out we had some unwanted visitors that just had to go…termites!  Apparently they are very common in our area and they most likely got in when they were building the house.  So I guess we were invading their space?  Either way, the situation was that we had to tent the house, which meant we essentially had to move out for 4 days while they filled our house with pesticides.  I am beyond lucky to have an amazing hubby who did the majority of the packing by himself while I was at work.  All of our food, medication, and other consumables had to be moved, along with the children’s mattresses, cleaning supplies, clothes, and toys.

We are lucky to have my parents who graciously opened up their home to us.  Spending time there definitely made the painful process much easier.  We moved out Friday morning and had a very busy weekend with my cousin’s college graduation on Saturday and a friend’s birthday party on Sunday.  We eagerly awaited the all clear from the fumigation company and were all set to move back home after school/work on Monday only to find out that our gas was never turned back on (the pesticide is flammable, so the gas had to be turned off).  After much arguing and being told that they would fit us in on Tuesday, we settled in for another night with grandma and grandpa.  We really enjoyed our time there, but were definitely happy to be home when we finally got to move back in on Tuesday.  It’ll take us a few days to get settled, but not too long as my parents-in-law arrive on Sunday for our family celebrations!


I was able to get a bit of sewing in before our little disruption with some fun strikes from Splashings of Fabric.  The sweet Fairy Princess dress by Made by Runi was the perfect choice for the knights and unicorns fabric with the coordinating rainbow stripes.  The double skirt with the high/low top layer is fun twist on the typical circle skirt dress.  It also makes it a bit fabric intensive, though.   The hood is meant to have a fun twirl on the end, but I decided to leave it out to give it a more simple pixie hood.  It’s such a fun dress!


One thing about the Made by Runi patterns is that they don’t include seam allowance in the pattern.  Little princess was between sizes, so I made the larger size and didn’t add additional seam allowance during construction.


With my adorable alpaca fabric I used the tunic and capris from the Cartwheel Collection from Love Notions.  I’m always a sucker for a pattern that offers a lot of options, and this one does not disappoint!  The pattern includes 3 top options – tee, tunic, and dress – and three bottom options – skirt, shorts, and capris.  Everything a little princess needs to go back to school!  Or in our case, start school!  The top has an adorable peek-a-boo detail on the back that gives it something a little extra special.


The pattern was extremely easy to put together and follow.  The pattern starts at size 2T, so it’s actually still a little big for my little princess.  I don’t mind because I know that she’ll be able to grow into it in no time!  I always prefer to make clothes a bit big because it feels like such a shame when they can’t fit into them anymore.


The sizing is a lot more noticeable on the capris than the tunic, but I think it’s a fun look!  The sweet alpacas really shine in the simplicity of the pattern!  I definitely see more of these in her future!


Just one more week until our vacation!  I can’t wait!  Still so much to do, though.  I have a swim outfit and a day outfit still to sew for each of the kids, along with my swim bottoms and the finishing touches on my top.  Guess it’s going to be a busy weekend!

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