Countdown to Celebration

It was another whirlwind of a week as I tried to wrap stuff up at home and work in preparation for our vacation and then my school trip. I finished up my capstone project write up and presentation, which has been such a relief. I can now completely focus on sewing once the kids go to bed without feeling guilty. I’m definitely ready to be really officially done with school!

I had the chance to test the new Cessim Shirt from Sofilantjes this week. I’m such a sucker for versatile patterns and this one does not disappoint! With 4 body options, 3 neck options, and 3 sleeve options (with color blocked options for each), I feel like I can make the kiddos a lot of tops without feeling like it’s the same one over and over again!

For my first one, I made version A, which is the simplest. This version has a single piece and just one seam to sew up! I spiced it up with color blocked long sleeves and a color blocked v-neck. I wanted to bring out some of the colors of the lego fabric I had gotten from Madhouse Fabrics and landed on orange and blue. I switched up the colors of the sleeves and neckline so that it the solid accents gave it a fun cross-cross aspect. It was a huge hit! And only took me 20 minutes to sew from cutting to hemming! I’ll definitely have to keep this one in mind the next time I need to make him something very quickly!

Little man had asked for a superheros birthday party, so I got him some superhero animal fabric from the print your own option at 42 Custom Fabrics for his birthday outfits. I got it in both swim and CL so that the kids would have something fun to wear, as I have done for the past few birthdays. Seems like every birthday the wishlist of outfits grows, though! This year we’re up to swim outfits and a day outfit!

For his day outfit, I decided to make him another Cessim shirt, but this time used version B that has an accent panel on the side. I did a single color for the v-neck and color blocked half sleeves. I’m definitely getting better at this v-neck thing! It helps that the instructions in this pattern are probably the best I’ve seen for showing me how to do them properly. I used a solid mustard from Purpleseamstress Fabric to bring out some of the star accents of the superhero fabric. It gave it a more subdued/blended look rather than a stark contrast fabric would have. Little man was a big fan!

I used the Winter Wear Designs Aviators to make him a pair of matching shorts using the same mustard solid CL and superhero accents. This pattern is perfect for little boys because of all the pockets! Four to be exact! He’s definitely ready for his birthday dinner next week!

For little princess, I made the Rippled Pearl dress by The Wolf and The Tree out of the superhero fabric with mustard accents and a pair of matching Hallå leggings. The dress was a little long because I sized up, but she’ll grow into it in no time. I really liked this simple little dress because of the fun neckline. I think it adds something different to her wardrobe, which is becoming fairly extensive as this year goes on and I make them more and more clothing!

I spent the rest of the week finalizing my presentation and capstone paper. I wanted to make sure I didn’t have anything pending when we leave next week since I won’t really have time in the couple of days between trips. I’m feeling more mentally and emotionally exhausted than usual these days, probably due to work, so I’m very much looking forward to this vacation. I love our daily adventures as a family, but it’s fun to really get away from it all sometimes. One thing I really like about the water park is that it forces me to leave my phone behind and completely unplug and be in the moment. I think that’s the part I’m looking forward to the most…unplugged family time!

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