Party Time

It’s finally vacation time! Little man had been asking if it was a Wolf Lodge day basically daily for about 2 months. I was so excited to finally say yes! It’s usually a big fight to get the kids in the car, but not today!

I surprised the kiddos with an extra water park fun outfits. I had gotten some of the same superhero fabric from the print your own option from 42 Custom Fabrics in swim. I love that there are so many bases offered. I made little man a raglan rash guard using the Boo! Designs Swimmers Raglan Rashie. I paired the superhero animals with solid red swim since it’s his favorite color (from Purpleseamstress Fabric). The red really made the top pop! This also happily made him particularly easy to spot among all the kids as he ran around the water park!

We got him the birthday package and he was so excited to see the poster on our door and to get his birthday ears! He couldn’t believe they had known it was his birthday! It was his first time being tall enough for the bigger slides, and he was beyond excited! As he made his way up to the top of the tower with hubby, I could tell that he was both excited and really nervous. It was a double tube type of ride, and hubby reassured him that he would hold on to him extra tight. That seemed to be almost enough for him. As expected, the first thing he said as soon as he got to the bottom was “Let’s do that again!” He would do the same slide over and over again, but took a little bit of coaxing to try a different one. There’s something to be said for comfort in knowing what to expect. By the end of the trip, he was excitedly telling us which one was next to make sure he could go on all of them. It’s funny that the “scarier” rides ended up being his favorites. I’m so proud of him for conquering his fears and trying new things.

Little princess was almost just as adventurous on this trip. She was going on all of the slides she was allowed to go on and developed an affinity for the wave pool. It was hours of fun as she yelled “Wee!” Every time she went down the slide.

What I found most interesting is that she didn’t hesitate to take a nap when she was ready. I remember having to go up to the room so that little man could get some rest, but not her! Around 11:30 – 12:00 every day, she’d ask for her sippy cup of milk, close her eyes, and sleep for about an hour despite all of the noise around her. I managed to get the obligatory nap shot every day that we were there.

For her matching superhero swim outfit, I used Abby’s Daybreak Rashguard and Briefs from The Wolf And The Tree. I love the little cross over detail on the front rashguard. I think it adds a little something special to the look. I used the high rise briefs for her diapered bum since swim diapers always seem to add extra bulk. I really like the way the teal swim from So Sew English brings out the hippos on the superhero swim! My two little superheros were definitely ready for action!

I’m happy that I managed to finish my swim suit to complete our matching family suits using our chain mail from 42 Custom Fabric! For my suit I chose the Agility Tank and Riptide Shorties by 5 out of 4 Patterns. I’m a huge fan of tankinis because they offer full coverage without the pain of having to completely disrobe every time you need to use the restroom. The agility tank offers skin and no skin options in addition to maternity, nursing, and dress options. I used the no skin option for this one with a power mesh liner for extra support. Now I’m ready to play too!

I really like the Riptide shorties because they’re reversible and the side roughing detail is so much fun! They come with low, medium, and low/maternity rise options to suit a variety of body types. They were actually really simple to put together, and I love how they came out! Only issue is that little princess was playing with my serger settings and loosened the tension on my loopers. I really have to remember to test my tension every time. You can sort of see the thread at the seams. It was too late by the time I actually noticed. I really must stop being lazy and switch to black when sewing dark fabrics!

We got word that my sister, my parents and parents-in-law would be joining us! I think it’s great that they’re willing to get so far out of their comfort zone to celebrate this week with us since our anniversary, little man’s birthday, and hubby’s birthday all fall one right after another in a matter of 4 days!

I used the Sinclair Patterns Tao raglan to make hubby and my father in law some rash guards to wear around the pool from some solid white, gray, and orange swim I had gotten from The Fabric Fairy. The challenge for this week was to make a swim suit, and I definitely think I met the challenge and then some!

We had an absolutely fabulous time! Of course, the first thing little man did as we were driving away was ask when we were coming back! Soon, little man, soon!

We ended the vacation with a little get together to celebrate little man’s birthday with his friends. Somehow the request for superheroes turned into a request for a Star Wars party by the time we asked him what he wanted for his friend party. The kids had a great time playing with the slip-n-slide and water balloons. My mom really outdid herself making a Darth Vader cake for little man and an R2D2 one for hubby.

This week has been incredibly re-energizing! I think I really needed this. I’m definitely not ready to leave everyone next week for my school presentation. I just adore all the family fun we’ve been having and hate to miss out. We have a big week next week with little man getting his big boy bed that he’s getting for his birthday, and little princess is starting preschool! They’re growing up way too fast, but I’m definitely enjoying every minute of it!

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